Andi James - Celebrating Mom (Full HD 1080p) - Jerky Wives / TabooHeat / Clips4Sale - [744.8 MB]

Andi James - Celebrating Mom (Full HD 1080p) - Jerky Wives / TabooHeat / Clips4Sale - [744.8 MB]

Scene One: Mom's birthdayAndi's son is 18 today, but she's been so busy at work she hasn't had time to make a cake or buy him a present. She feels so guilty for letting him down all the time. She's feels like she's the worst mother in the world. He's knows just what will cheer her up, dancing like they used too. They slow dance together, mother resting her head against her son's strong chest. As they dance she guides his hands to her ass and it makes her feel wonderful.She guides his hands up to her big sensitive breasts and she moans. She needs to have him and brings him into the livingroom. He strips off his mothers dress and bra and she’s so excited to give him the perfect birthday gift. Sucking on his cock she does her best to make him feel good. As she bends over the couch and begs him to fuck her, she knows she's been a terrible mother but she will make it all up to him. She gives up her body and lets him cum in her warm wet pussy, feeling his love fill her.Scene Two: DessertThat night they can't keep their hands off one another. “You've been such a good boy” She whispers as they kiss. She opens her robe and reaches down to touch his hard cock. Dropping to her knees she needs to have that dick in her mouth. Fuck it feels so dirty, tasting her son's dick.She presents herself to him and begs him to fuck her. His cock slides right into her warm pussy. In and out it glides, she feels like she's going to break. Her pussy begins to tighten and she cums from her son's endless fuck. “I want you to cum in my mouth!” She screams and takes his dick down her throat. The feeling of his cum powerfully shooting in her mouth makes her want more. “So much cum” She tells himScene Three: Morning afterThey only have two days left together before he goes away to school. They wake up snuggled next to each other and she laments that she couldn't do more for him. She reaches down and begins to stroke his morning wood. It's her duty to give him everything he could want before he leaves her. To make up for all the missed time.She feels him getting so hard in her hands and knows what she has to do. She rides on top of him and does all the the work letting him know how much she loves him and how much she will miss him. He takes over and fucks her, using her hot body like a sex doll. Taking out all his emotions on her pussy feeling her getting so tight until he is on the edge of cumming. She wants the feeling of his cum covering her face and she gets his big load splashing all over her. The love between them is beyond words or lust.

Duration: 00:33:22 | Quality: Full HD | Size: 744.8 MB

Genre: Hairy, Taboo, Mother, MILF, Incest, Dirty Talk, Son, Mature, Creampie

Title: Andi James - Celebrating Mom

Site: Jerky Wives / TabooHeat / Clips4Sale

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