Blair Williams Bunk Beds III (HD 720p) - - [611 MB]

Blair Williams Bunk Beds III (HD 720p) - - [611 MB]

Blair has overprotective parents and has been acting out. She's tired of being a good girl, going to school, then work, and home. She looks through her magazine and dreams of the young pop stars, she wants to seduce a guy, she wants to feel pleasure, feel loved, she wants it now! She crawls into the lower bunk with her brother, her brother is used to Blair crawling in for a cuddle when she's had a scary dream, he moves over and she looks at his handsome face. He does look like the lead singer of her favorite boy band. She closes her eyes and plays with his chest hair, her other hand slides down his chest into his underwear and cups his penis. Robby wakes up and recoils, "Blair," he whispers harshly, "your hand accidentally touched my penis." She smiles sweetly, her eyes begin to tear up in fear that he will reject her, she puts on her sexiest voice, "I did touch you, but it wasn't an accident." Robby flips on the light and Blair begs for him to love her, in a physical way.

Duration: 00:25:12 | Quality: HD | Size: 611 MB

Genre: incest, taboo, handjob, blowjob, blonde, cumshot, natural tits, fetish,

Title: Blair Williams Bunk Beds III


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