Jane Wilde - Anal Envy: Double Second Chance (Full HD 1080p) - ModernDaySins / AdultTime - [1.12 GB]

Jane Wilde - Anal Envy: Double Second Chance (Full HD 1080p) - ModernDaySins / AdultTime - [1.12 GB]

Jane Wilde makes herself look pretty in her bathroom, tossing her hair and smiling mischievously. She then calls Air Thugger on her cellphone and flirtatiously invites him over. Surprisingly, she calls Alex Mack just after and invites him over as well.Later that day, both Alex and Thugger sit across from each other in Jane's living room. They exchange shifty, uneasy glances with each other. It's clear the situation is awkward. They tentatively start a conversation, where it is revealed that they are BOTH Jane's exes. Neither had any idea the other would be there, and they begin to argue about who should stay, each thinking that Jane called them here to get back together with her. The tension mounts to a standstill as each man stares the other down, neither willing to give an inch.Just then, Jane enters the room and reveals to the two men that she doesn't want to get back together with either of them. She's single, yes, but not ready for a serious relationship again. Instead, she wants to explore! Therefore, the real reason she called them here was to fulfill one of her greatest sexual fantasies: a threesome with two guys!Thugger and Alex readily accept. Jane, overjoyed, spreads her legs between the men as they make out and grope her body over her dress and panties. Jane then flips into a doggystyle position and lets Alex and Thugger worship her ass from either side, including spanking. Jane sits in Thugger's lap as Alex worships her bare feet and Thugger rubs her pussy over her panties.Jane removes her top and lets the boys suck on her tits. Thugger then takes off her panties and starts eating her out and fingering her as Alex gropes her breasts. Now it's Alex's turn, as he places her in a missionary position to eat out and rim her. Jane then makes the men stand and whip out their hard cocks. Jane kneels between them and gives them a double blowjob.The men get fully undressed, with Thugger sitting back on the couch. Jane gets into a doggystyle position and sucks Thugger's cock as Alex fucks her pussy. They switch positions, with Jane sucking Alex's cock now as Thugger fucks her from behind in doggystyle. Alex then flips Jane into missionary and fucks her as she jerks Thugger off with both hands. At one point, the men switch again, with Thugger fucking her in missionary as she sucks on Alex's cock.Jane then gets on all fours and lets the men take turns fingering and rimming her. Alex then gives her anal as she sucks on Thugger's cock. When it's Thugger's turn, he gives her anal in missionary as she jerks off/sucks on Alex's cock some more. The two men then double penetrate her, while occasionally switching positions or taking their cock out for her to suck. They move into a reverse cowgirl position and continue to double penetrate Jane as she moans in ecstasy. The experience builds to a riveting climax as Alex and Thugger DP her in cowgirl, and then deliver cumshots on her asscheeks and asshole.Everyone deserves a second chance... though in this case, make it a double!

Duration: 00:56:35 | Quality: Full HD | Size: 1.12 GB

Genre: Double Penetration, Small Tits, Anal, Big Dick, Brunette, Threesome, Anal Fingering, Hairy, Rimming, Interracial, Ass to mouth

Title: Jane Wilde - Anal Envy: Double Second Chance

Site: ModernDaySins / AdultTime

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