Cadence Lux & Pepper XO - Kara and Katherine: Family Breeding (HD 720p) - MormonGirlz / TeamSkeet - [863.1 MB]

Cadence Lux & Pepper XO - Kara and Katherine: Family Breeding (HD 720p) - MormonGirlz / TeamSkeet - [863.1 MB]

Kara and Katherine have enjoyed punishing Robin and Amy’s virgin pussies on behalf of the Seed Bearer, but now the Seed Bearer and President Nelson have turned their attention -- and their massive cocks -- back to their favorite girls for one final test. Now that they have taken the girls in, it's time for them to learn the special pleasure of family sex. After watching Robin and Amy’s virgin holes get punished on the terrifying priesthood stretcher, Kara and Katherine hoped they had finally proven their obedience. But now the Seed Bearer has summoned them for a special joint session. “I’ll never get tired of hearing a pretty girl scream like that,” Kara laughs as she and Katherine walk toward the Temple gates. Katherine smiles and tucks a lock of hair behind her ear. “You’re nervous?” Kara squeezes Katherine’s hand. “We’ve been so good for The Seed Bearer. We’ve done everything he’s asked. We’ve given our bodies completely to him. He’s filled us in every way imaginable. He’s pleased with us.” “But he’s never,” Katherine bites her full, pink lip, “taken you while I'm present. Even during our disciplinary action. I don’t know if I can watch that.” Kara pulls Katherine’s body to her and presses her tongue into the young girl’s mouth. She loves Katherine, and she also loves the idea of Katherine watching a thick, pulsing cock slide in and out of her. “You might surprise yourself. Maybe you'll love it” They enter a sumptuous room filled with pure white light and they see not just The Seed Bearer, but President Nelson too. “You girls have shown us that you can be do as you’re told.” The Seed Bearer smiles. “But I must witness the total submission of your bodies to us at the same time. Only then will we know that you are worthy.” Kara kisses Katherine again and despite herself, the nervous girl starts to smile. She wants Kara to see her pussy get filled, too. The girls slowly peel the suits off the two men’s muscular frames as President Nelson and The Seed Bearer rub their naked flesh in unison. The girls can see that the men's cocks are already straining through their sacred underwear. Kara nudges Katherine and they both get on their knees. Kara takes The Seed Bearer in her mouth first, allowing his entire shaft to slide down her throat. Katherine runs her tongue along the wet head of President Nelson’s massive member. The two men grin at the young girls and lean back on the couch. To Kara’s surprise, Katherine wastes no time and climbs on top of President Nelson ripped, powerful body. She opens her legs and teases her glistening pussy lips with his throbbing dick. As his full ten inches slips inside Katherine, Kara moans. She loves seeing Katherine’s gorgeous curves as she slowly rides the President. Kara spits on The Seed Bearer’s cock and mounts him. Katherine watches The Seed Bearer’s balls slap against Kara’s pussy and she blushes and shakes with desire. Kara smiles to herself. She loves being surrounded by all of this filthy pleasure. She can’t wait to milk the cum from the Seed Bearer and watch President Nelson shoot his load across Katherine’s beautiful face.

Duration: 00:19:26 | Quality: HD | Size: 863.1 MB

Genre: Foursome, All Sex, FFMM

Title: Cadence Lux & Pepper XO - Kara and Katherine: Family Breeding

Site: MormonGirlz / TeamSkeet

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