Penny Pax - CTRL-ALT-DEL: Mommy VII (HD 720p) - MissaX/clips4sale - [2022]

Penny Pax - CTRL-ALT-DEL: Mommy VII (HD 720p) - MissaX/clips4sale - [2022]

I don't usually write in happenings of my day, but I am so filled with happiness and excitement I have to tell someone. I know that I can't tell another person about the best day of my life, not even my mother, but I can tell you. I've finally created a mind control medicine that is going to make me rich, and I have to thank my volatile relationship with my mother for the inspiration behind the research of my grand discovery.My mother and I used to have a close relationship until her and Dad got a divorce seven years ago. I resented Mom for the split, I felt as though she was keeping me from my father, and I acted out. Mom sent me away to a boarding school in France, she kept in contact with me, sending me home to visit with her on Holidays and some Summer vacation months, I know she meant the best, but I was so young that the divorce and the separation from my mother affected me, and maybe it affected how I feel about women. I have mixed feelings about the separation, but ultimately I have to thank my mother for her decision to send me away, it was in France where I found my true passion in Chemistry and mind control.I've always been intensely interested in electronics, unlike women, they are easy to understand. You can build a remote control car, for example, and it will accelerate, turn, and stop with basic signals from a remote. The human body can behave much like a remote control car, you can control neurotransmitters of the brain, almost as easy as a simple circuit board, with medicine that enhance dopamine and norepinephrine. You can make a person happier, sleepy, and when you use other natural chemicals found in the body, you can safely cause a person to forget, to turn off their inhibitions, and to react to commands. This might be sounding a little dark but my findings can be used for good, just imagine what a PTSD sufferer would pay to reprogram his brain to forget a certain part of the past. I admit, I've had fantasizes of using this to benefit my own sexual fantasies. I think any human being would. Just imagine, close your eyes and imagine that you could get away with having sex with a supermodel, she's bobbing her head up and down on your cock with everything she's got, eager to please you, as if making you cum was her only ambition in life, and she's grateful for the opportunity. Do you get it, now? I'll bet in front of people you'd say you would never do an unethical thing like control a woman's brain, but when you are alone with a stunning woman, and the remote is in your hand, with no possibility of getting caught, you'd play out your wildest fantasies with her. I know you would. The woman I chose was my mother. I didn't plan on using my mother for my first human test, but she left me with no choice, she was threatening me, my work, and I couldn't let her stand in the way of my success.

Duration: 00:21:07 | Quality: HD | Size: 589 MB

Genre: incest, blowjob, big tits, creampie, milf, redheat

Porn Actress: Penny Pax

Title: CTRL-ALT-DEL: Mommy VII


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