My Blue Heaven (FullHD 1088p) - - [1.15 GB]

My Blue Heaven (FullHD 1088p) - - [1.15 GB]

Someone definitely is hot in the kitchen! And, guys, how do you spell "instant erection"? Susie and her boyfriend Steven are back and HOTTER than ever! This stunning blonde can tease a man to death with the best of them, but what a way to go! Her jaw-dropping good looks, tanned and tight body, tempting lips, and sexual playfulness are here for your total enjoyment. And when the kitchen capers turn to a fucking frolic, you will not be able to resist her. Whatever Susie wants, Susie gets! Sounds like heaven to me.

Duration: 00:19:04 | Quality: FullHD | Size: 1.15 GB

Genre: Creampie, Hardcore

Title: My Blue Heaven


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