Cristal Caitlin aka Vinna Reed (Rascal) (Full HD 1080p) - SexArt / MetArt - [1.06 GB]

Cristal Caitlin aka Vinna Reed (Rascal) (Full HD 1080p) - SexArt / MetArt - [1.06 GB]

Nick Ross is the “Rascal” who walks in on sexy blonde Cristal Caitlin as she showers, filming her on his phone in a cute home movie style that creates an immediate sense of their intimate relationship. Nick keeps filming as they run into the bedroom and Cristal straddles him, play-fighting. She soon forgives him, rubbing her breasts against him and showering him with kisses. Naturally his cock stiffens in his briefs, so she pulls it out and starts rubbing her pussy along the shaft of it as she jerks it to full arousal. He impales her on it in cowgirl and she gasps as it slides within her wetness, bucking at a measured pace at first; but as her excitement builds she rides faster and harder, their bodies undulating in unison. Cristal clings onto Nick, thrusting herself on and off his hard cock as she climaxes, then keeps on riding to a second, even more powerful orgasm. Cristal goes down to suck Nick’s stiff cock, looking into his eyes as she takes the entire length down her throat. Nick throws her onto her back and feasts on her shaved pussy, driving her wild. As his tongue flicks in and out of her sodden slit, her body stiffens and she orgasms again, gasping for air. Nick drives his cock back into her soaked pussy, pumping relentlessly, his gaze moving between the ecstatic expression on Cristal’s face and her bouncing breasts. He flips her onto her front to do her from behind, making her come yet again before she jerks him to a sticky finish over her sexy body. They return to the shower, sated and glowing with mutual pleasure after their multi-orgasmic tryst.

Duration: 00:18:47 | Quality: Full HD | Size: 1.06 GB

Genre: All Sex

Title: Cristal Caitlin aka Vinna Reed (Rascal)

Site: SexArt / MetArt

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