Jenny Wild - Don’t Take It Out, Daddy (UltraHD 2K 1920p) - VirtualTaboo - [2022]

Jenny Wild - Don’t Take It Out, Daddy (UltraHD 2K 1920p) - VirtualTaboo - [2022]

Being stuck inside and isolated has been difficult for Jenny Wild. The nineteen year old is used to entertaining her followers with photos from the trendy places she visits. Desperate for something to add to her social media she decides to do something topical. Jenny had read a story about shortages on sweets and toilet paper and decided to incorporate both in her newest photos. She sits in the living room nibbling on a cookie provocatively. Her stepfather is trying not to notice the way Jenny is dressed and what she is doing with her tongue. Not satisfied with selfies, Jenny asks dad for assistance. He reluctantly agrees and is shocked when she pulls her top down enough for her stiff nipple to pop free. Watching him squirm nervously as she shows off her naked breasts turns Jenny on immediately. Daughter plays with rolls of toilet paper, exposing her breasts often and noting the change the growing bulge in his trousers. When she sees how big it gets, leans into his lap and grabs his crotch. He tries to resist, but his cock's reaction tells her that he wants her as badly as she wants him. She promises not to tell her mother as she lovingly admires his big stiff prick. He can't believe how good adorable daughter is at sucking cock, but he can see why she is so popular at college. Jenny was dying to be fucked and stretched with his big cock. Her pussy feels so much better than her mother's that he was unable to hold back and shot his load deep inside of her tight little twat. Jenny already had plans for even racier quarantine content for her followers to enjoy.

Duration: 00:39:10 | Quality: UltraHD 2K | Size: 8.34 GB

Genre: Hardcore, Blonde, Blowjob, Cowgirl, Creampie, Family sex, Natural tits, No tattoos, POV, Shaved pussy, Stepdad, Stepdaughter, Taboo sex, Teen

Porn Actress: Jenny Wild

Title: Don’t Take It Out, Daddy

Site: VirtualTaboo

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